Landscaping is a fun activity, most especially if you just got a new place with plenty of room for a garden. This means that you can get creative and innovative in terms of garden accessories, types of plants and overall landscape design. Are you ready to build a Zen-like oasis? Here are 4 important tips to consider.

Do an on-site analysis.

Observe the environment. Which part of the garden do you want to get more sun in the afternoon and morning? For those who want to build their own ponds, check the most effective location for the pipes, and the best type of soil. Look for the best locations for electrical outlets, water pipes and outdoor furniture. Researching on these details before mapping out your own garden is important.

Decide on a focal point.

A focal point can be anything–flowering plants, fountain, pavilion, tree, sculpture, plant or vase. Your focal point must stand out from the rest of the elements. If you find the entire concept of focal point confusing, hire an architect or interior design firm in Malaysia.

Learn more about plants.

All garden owners must, at some point, know some things about plants. Research on the plants that you want to include in your outdoor space. Plants vary in needs and temperament. Talk to a landscape professional or gardener in order to learn more about the different kinds of plants.

Check pace and scale

This is quite tricky, most especially for landscaping newbies. Once you learn more about landscaping, you will realize that pacing and scaling can give your garden a more harmonious appearance. Don’t worry. There is no need for you to stick to the same color, and maintain a monotonous look. You can incorporate fun elements that will surely stand out.