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Even though we are already seven months into the new year 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to abate. We have no choice but to adjust to the new norm that has been imposed on us. It may be awkward at first, let alone being restricted in nearly everything by rigorous laws, to wear face masks anytime we are outside or undertake self-isolation at home for the longest time. Nonetheless, we are doing everything we can to flatten the curve. Everyone is expected to practice social distancing in order to reduce the danger of virus propagation. It might be in the building, the event halls, or even your workplace. That is why most offices get folding partition in Selangor to separate colleagues from other colleagues and reduce the risk for the lethal virus to infect, thus the number of Hufcor best folding partition around any offices you come across.

social distancing

Here are social distancing law you should follow until the pandemic ends:

Keep A Distance From Each Other

This applies to both outside and inside the confinements of our home. When in public spaces, make sure you are standing at least 6 feet away or about 2 arm lengths from other people to prevent the virus from spreading one person to another. It is important to remember that even persons who do not have symptoms may be able to transfer the virus. While on the inside, avoid coming into close contact with sick people. Maintain a 6 feet distance as well.


Keeping a safe distance from others is especially crucial for persons who are prone to becoming very ill.

Avoid Crowded Areas And Poorly Ventilated Areas

Being in a crowded place, such as a restaurant, bar, fitness center, or movie theater, puts you at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 due to the fact that everyone is closing in the distance to each other. As much as possible, avoid interior locations that do not provide fresh air from the outside. It is highly risky to expose yourself to a dangerous environment where the virus may or may not be active. If you are indoors, bring in fresh air by opening windows and doors as much as possible. 

Coughs And Sneezes Should Be Covered

Masks exist for a reason, to protect us from catching on any illnesses, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic going around still to this day. If you can not hold it in,you can sneeze or cough into your mask and put on a fresh, clean mask as soon as possible. Do not forget to wash your hands as well!  

Wear Mask At All Times When Outdoors

If you are not fully immunized and are over the age of two, you should wear a mask in indoor public venues. Consider using a mask in crowded outdoor settings and for activities that require close contact with people who have not been completely vaccinated. It is better to be safe than sorry.