You go to an online casino to find that Texas Hold’em is one of the recommended games to play that day. Although you have heard of the said game before, you might not have any inkling on how the game is played.

Truth be told, poker is pretty easy to play but a bit difficult to master. You can learn the basics and try to craft strategies that will work for you from there.

Today, I am going to talk about the basics of poker that every beginner should definitely know about.

How to Play Texas Hold’em?

Texas Hold’em is arguably the most popular poker game in the entire world. I mean, who wouldn’t love this game when it is quite simple and easy to understand? This game is sometimes referred to as the ‘Cadillac of Poker’ mainly because every player can understand how it is played and they can get really good at it (with time and practice, of course).

Anyway, the game can accommodate up to 10 players and the premise of the game is that you will be given two down cards and each round, you will be given a community card. The latter part is done three times until you can complete your 5-hand combination. The player with the best poker hand ranking or card combination wins the game.

How to Play Omaha?

Omaha is kind of a variant of Texas Hold’em in that the game has pretty similar rules to that of the said game but the major difference is that instead of giving you two cards at the start, you will be given four (though, you will still need to create your own 5-card hand from the cards that are going to be dealt to you).

Some Common Traits to Take Note of

Most of the different poker games have similarities but there are certain rules that differentiate them from one another. Despite the differences, you can learn of the basics that should apply to all of the different types of poker. Here are some common traits:

1. Poker Hands

Poker hand rankings refer to the card combination that trumps over the others. For instance, the Royal flush is the highest card combination in almost all of the different poker games. It is directly followed by the straight flush, the four of a kind, and the full house.

In deuce-to-seven triple draw and razz poker, however, the hand rankings are reversed in that the royal flush is then considered as the worst hand combination with the high card as the best.

2. Ante Bets and Blinds

In a traditional game of poker, the early position is manned by the small and big blind positions. These positions are called as such because they will place bets before the cards are revealed to the players in the said positions.

Furthermore, in stud poker games, the use of ante bets has a similar meaning in that the players are asked to place chips at the middle portion of the table as a means of progressing the game (though there are no cards revealed yet at this point in the game).