What Is An Ethernet Converter

An Ethernet converter is a system intended to connect multiple separate network devices, such as fiber and coaxial cables, in order to allow connectivity. Sometimes it comes in the shape of a little box where you can plug in the two separate networking cables.

How Do We Use It?

Connecting through an Ethernet cable also gives you a greater connection to the web than through WiFi. What you have to do is have an Ethernet cable, and an Ethernet port desktop or laptop; follow these steps underneath to connect your desktop or device directly to your modem. 

  1. Attach the extension cord to your modem ‘s yellow LAN port 
  2. Link the other cable end to an Ethernet port on your monitor or laptop 
  3. Make sure the Ethernet light is green and shines alongside the port that used on the modem 
  4. Open your tab, and check that you can load any pages such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

See here if you are unable to connect to your Ethernet convertor. 

Why You Should Use Ethernet Converter

  • Transaction speed: This takes more time to transfer data wirelessly than through cables because messages need to be transmitted throughout the air and retransmitted if there is a transmission error. Not only that, sometimes when the connection is unreachable, your data cannot be received or be transferred out. 
  • Reduce intervention: All sorts of machines use WiFi and both communicate with each other, which can create unreliable links. The consumer will disable the WiFi with Ethernet port hardwired to reduce effective WiFi on their device
  • Safety: This reduced the risk of a data violation by providing a wired solution. WiFi can be easily hacked as your connection is out in the open whereas Ethernet ensures security as the direct connection does not allow your data to be breached so easily.